Diaper butt

I was listening to my favorite radio last week and I heard a story on their ‘Stupid News’ segment (I think) that I couldn’t figure out girls were doing this. I went to their website to try and find the story but I cannot find it! But here is what I remember:

Teen girls are now buying diapers, cutting them to fit their butts, and then wearing them!!!! They are doing this to make their butts look bigger. Apparently, if I remember correctly, they would put the diaper on, then something like Spanks on, then their underwear, and then their pants. Seems like too much work to me to make my butt look bigger. Am I the only one that, not only, thinks this is stupid but very strange!? Are we that superficial that teen girls are resorting to wearing diapers? Is their self esteem that low? This is just so disturbing to me. I hope that my daughter never has to go through something like this!

What are your thoughts!?

PS-I would never do this no matter how small my butt was!!!!


2 thoughts on “Diaper butt

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