Day of Remembrance

Today is the national day of remembrance for those lost to miscarriage, stillbirths and SIDs. You were supposed to light a candle at 7:00pm your time.
I meant to post about this earlier today but I got too busy with housework…I am sorry about that! I really wanted to post about this because I know people who have had miscarriages & I didn’t want them to be forgotten.

I have never had a miscarriage myself that I know of, but I can only imagine the pain that a family goes through when this happens. Yes, it is very sad when a baby dies, but let’s not forget the families that are left behind to have to deal with this pain. Also, let’s not just remember & light a candle on one day of the year, let’s keep it up all year long! These families don’t forget about it every other day of the year expect today….let us not forget either.

My heart goes out to all the families that have lost a baby for whatever reason….it’s not fair and no one should have to go through that! Please know that you and your family are not forgotten. I think that all of you should share your stories. You all are so brave and strong….even when you don’t feel that way. I tip my hat to you! We love you!

If you would like more information please visit these 2 websites- October15th & Causes.


4 thoughts on “Day of Remembrance

  1. I didn’t know about you having one either! It seems like a lot more people have them then I thought! I hope that I never have one, but if I do, I know that I would be not be alone and would have many friends to talk to about it!

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