That time again…

Time of the year when I get all the clothes from last fall/winter and see what fits who and who can wear what. It’s not the most exciting thing I have ever done but I have to say that with help from a friend during the summer has made it easier this time around. I usually have clothes everywhere and then have to remember where I stashed them all. Well this year I won’t have that problem….my friend & I put all the ‘seasonal’ clothes in a huge tub over the summer and now I know where all the ‘seasonal’ clothes are.

Well that was until I thought that tub was full of giveaway clothes. (Opps) With the help of another good friend of mine that was at my house on Friday, I figured out that those clothes weren’t giveaway. We started looking through them and I had forgotten most of those clothes were in there. I was so excited that she suggested looking through it! The majority of the clothes in this tub will be able to be worn again this winter, which means that we won’t have to go out and buy as many. I think the only ones that will have to be bought for is our daughter and our youngest son. I felt like a kid on Christmas opening presents and seeing everything that was in there! I cannot wait to go through them and see what fits who. I am sure that my kids won’t be all that excited about trying them on-but I know they will be excited to see all the ‘new’ clothes they think they are getting!

One of my small pleasures as a parent 😉


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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