Do they make you nervous even if you are doing everything right & there is nothing wrong with your car?
I know they make me nervous! I don’t care if everything is up to date on my car or if I am following all of the traffic laws, or anything like that! And I think that is because there are some really jerk cops out there that will try to find something to charge you with. Not all, but there are definitely some out there like that. Cops really make me nervous when they hang out side my house in their car!

Last week I was getting everyone ready so we could go see my husband at work before we picked up my oldest son at school. I didn’t notice anything but I heard my second child saying that he saw a police car…didn’t think anything of it-we do live next to a busy street and not too far from the hospital, so I thought he saw one drive by. Well as I opened the door to get everyone outside and loaded in the van (about an hour had passed since my son said he saw the cop) he was still sitting there. I kinda figured he pulled someone over right there and was finishing paper work or something like that. So as I am loading the kids in the van they start asking for gum. I am looking for my purse and cannot find it, run in the house and look in there, go back outside and look in the van (all took about 20 minutes) and found no gum :(. I was pretty bummed too because I wanted gum now too after trying to look for it. Cop is still sitting there. As I am buckling my youngest in his car seat I noticed that the car seat was not buckled in the actually seat! (How this happened I have no idea) So I take about 20 minutes to buckle that back in and untwist the seatbelt and make sure that the seatbelt was as tight as I could get it and all of that! Cop still sitting there! After everyone is buckled in and we are ready to go I pull away and go about my way. He was gone by the time I got back, but because I am so nosey, I wonder why he was sitting there for so long!?

Does anyone else get nervous, especially while driving, when you know a cop is near you? Share your thoughts here please!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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