Sorry, this one isn’t for you 😉

I cannot remember which blogger I follow that I received this link from (so if you are reading this & you are that blogger, thank you!) but it was for a free Fisher Price Trio Racecar. I thought my boys would like it and have fun with it. I had actually forgot that I filled out the form for it until it showed up in the mail this past week lol! Well as soon as my boys saw the picture on the outside-they were asking me if it was for them and could they play with it. Glad to know that I know my boys so well, but OMG there was enough fighting over it to last me a week! Not only were they saying things like ‘Is it my turn’ – ‘He’s not sharing’, my daughter got in on the act and wanted it too! So I had to give each of them a certain amount of time to play with it so there would be no fighting! I told them that in a few days the newness would wear off and then they could play with it without worrying about someone taking it while they were in the bathroom or something like…..they both told me that that wouldn’t happen. Someone was wrong & it wasn’t me! 🙂 I like it because the pieces click together and don’t fall apart easily. They can make the car look like anything they want. The blocks come in 5 different colors so it’s bright and colorful for them!

Thank you to the blogger that posted about it (again, I am sorry that I cannot remember to give you credit) & thank you FIsher Price for allowing us to have this great toy for free!


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