Unexpected Passenger

Not of the human kind either! Let me try and set the scene for you.
I had just put all the kids in the van after picking up my oldest this afternoon from school. As I was pulling away from my parking spot something buzzed and flopped on the dashboard. It was a HUGE bug! I was so freaked out and jumpy! (I don’t usually freak out about bugs) I have no idea what kind of bug it was or anything-I wasn’t able to get a picture of it either. The bug is on it’s back and just kept flopping and buzzing. I thought it would just stay put but no! I was driving through a light when out of nowhere, I guess the wind was just right, the bug lifted from the dashboard and it went right past me and out the window. I was happy to see it go but at the same time was not sure if it had actually went out the window or just in the back. When I arrived at my husbands job I looked for it but found nothing. I am sure that if the people driving next to me saw me, they were having a good laugh-it had to have been funny to watch me jump every few seconds and let out little ‘Ekks’ and “Oh nasty’. My kids kept asking me what it was and how big it was and if it was nasty…..it was like playing 20 questions with 3 kids lol! But I have to be honest and was glad that I wasn’t in the car with one of my friends who cannot stand bugs of any kind! She cracks me up with her reactions to them-but if this bugs was in her car, she would have pulled over-got out-and waited for it to leave her car. I don’t even think that she would have tried to help it out, just waited! I love her but she cracks me up!

I tried looking up the bug on Google Images, but I don’t know what the name of it was or anything like that-never seen it before! I was kind of hoping that it would have stayed on the dash to get a picture but sadly that didn’t happen 😦

Have you ever been driving when a bug or insect showed up as an unexpected passenger? Please share your experince-would love to hear them!

One thought on “Unexpected Passenger

  1. Shy will scream about any flying bug…even a fly! If one gets in the car she freaks!! I have to pull the car over and get it out or she will never calm down. Her dad is allergic to wasps and bees, so she’s seen him freak and follows suit.

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