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I have tried many cleaners out there and recently have been on the hunt for ‘greener’ cleaners….especially with 4 kids ranging from 6-18 months who on any given day, want to help me clean (and honestly, don’t want to pass on that opportunity for the help). So when I found Simple Green online and contacting them, I was very excited that they were interested in working with me! I thought that I would just receive one bottle of one cleaner. But no, I was completely wrong! I received a box full of cleaning supplies-all full size! The line is called “Naturals”. These cleaners are made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients. There are only a hand full of ingredients in each cleaner and after the scientific name, they tell you in normal terms what the ingredient is!

Naturals are safer, effective products that offer:
• 100% natural ingredient sources • Non-toxic formulations
• Biodegradable formulations • No animal testing
• Full ingredient disclosure  
• International scientifically-accepted ingredient names
• Naturals scents are IFRA compliant and made of 100% natural essential oils & plant extracts.
• 100% recyclable PETE plastic bottles with 25%+ post-consumer content, printed with soy inks
• Natural Versus Naturally Derived

I was super excited to start using them and putting them to the test! Shortly after I received these-we found out that we were moving. So I have waited, for the most part, to wait until we were in the new house to test out the cleaners. I was surprised at how well they worked and wonderful they smelled!

Each cleaner has a different scent.
*Bathroom-Rosemary Mint
*Glass-Rosemary Mint
*Carpet-Free & Clear
*Wood Floors- Sparkling Spruse
*Multi Purpose-Lemon Verbena
*Hand Soap- Herb Garden
*Dish Soap-Fresh Squeezed Citrus

Here are some of the things that I used the cleaners for:

(This is our mattress that one of my children got chocolate on. I used the carpet cleaner on the mattress. #1 is the stain, #2 is the stain wet after I applied the carpet cleaner, & #3 is the stain gone! #3 is a in a different light)

(This is the master bath after my son got in there with VERY dirty feet from playing outside.)

(I used the wood floor cleaner here. There was no stain or anything, but it did give the floor an extra shine.)

(We have carpet in the new house and my youngest spilled a drink on it! At first I was thinking that we need have a stain on this lovely cream carpet…until I remember the carpet cleaner. After I sprayed the cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes, I actually had to feel the carpet to find it the spot because it took the stain out before I even wiped it up!)

(This is the glass cleaner. With 4 under 7 the glass door does not stay clean for very long! There were no streaks at all and dried very quickly. It looks as if there is no glass there because it is so clean now.)

The dish soap and hand soap is a soft feeling soap. I am not sure if that makes sense to anyone but as soon as the soap hits yours hands, it feels silky smooth. I really do enjoy using both soaps!

To purchase your own or to learn more about Simple Green and their cleaners, please visit here! Also on Facebook so you can keep up with their goings-on!

Here are some pictures of my daughter helping me take them out of the box when it came!

*I received these products at no charge and all opinions expressed are my own*


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