Rubber Ducky you’re the one!

You make bath time lots of fun! Remember that from Sesame Street?! This tune always comes into my head when I hear about a rubber ducky or someone says the word ducky! lol 🙂

I haven’t put my ducky in the bath with me or the kids yet, but I do have him displaced on my fireplace!

I won this little guy from a giveaway going on at Doodlekins about a month ago. At first I thought that I was getting one of the normal ducky’s that they send out, but can see why they don’t so it that way 😉 As I opened the package that my duck came in, my kids gathered around me & wanted to see what was in it… soon as they saw this ducky, they instantly fell in love with him! But I am not really posting about me winning him as I am wanting to spread the word about this great company!

It’s a company named DuckyGram! They have jumbo duckys that are great for pretty much an occasion that you can think of! You can choose which colors you would like the ribbon that goes around the ducks neck!

What is a DuckyGram™?
Glad you asked!  It’s a decorated jumbo rubber ducky, in fun packaging, with a special card and envelope that you can send to anyone, for any reason, occasion or holiday!
What is the rubber ducky like?
It is jumbo, that’s for sure!  It measures about 7″ tall, 6 1/2″ wing to wing, and 8″ from beak to tail.  Most rubber duckies are about 3″ tall, so your recipient is really going to be surprised when they see their ducky!  It is premium quality, made of thick plastic that feels heavy and substantial, brightly painted with care, and even squeeks!  It’s a very loveable duck.
I just think that these ducks are so great and cute! A great alternative to flowers and ballons…..they last much longer and you can play with them afterwards! They also have this great thing going on now-Track Ronald! Who is Ronald do you ask!? He is a jumbo Ducky going around the great US of A! He is shipped from one host to another and you take him with you on your ordinary life and take pictures to show off! I cannot wait until it is my time to get Ronald! I know that my kids will eat him up & hopefully he will survive our household 😉 If you would like to host Ronald, please go here for more information!
Stop by their website to get your own JUMBO Ducky or to send one to someone you love! & for the price… could get more then one!
*I received this product as a prize from a giveaway that I entered*

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