Little body ~ BIG attitude

Ok, seriously, I thought that my daughter had a big attitude-well I am here to say that her younger brother has her beat big time! You tell him to do anything (doesn’t matter what it is) or if you ask him a question, the answer is always “No”. So I wouldn’t give him whatever he was asking for because he would tell me ‘NO’ when I asked him. Well he would then in turn get upset because he wasn’t getting whatever it was that he wanted. So I tried to tell him that when he wants something and he is asked if he would like it to then answer yes. Keep in mind that he is only 18 months old, but I am hoping that if I keep doing that he will eventually catch on.

It just isn’t with those things though, I mean it seems that he has an attitude from the moment that he wakes up! He wants to hit everything and everyone and pull hair! (Imagine the scene from Big Daddy when Adam Sandler says “Stop pulling your sister’s hair!”….my husband saying that line all the time now lol) He, of course, thinks it’s funny, but I get on to him about it and tell him that it’s not nice and that he can’t do that. & to be honest with you, I am getting tired of saying that and him either not getting it or just refusing to listen….either way, I am done with this phase that he is going through. Anything around him that he can pick up will most likely get thrown and hit. Like, I said, so over this!

But then if you look past all of that, he has the cutest face that he does he gets mad! I sometimes have to walk away because I will start smiling and/or laughing and then he will think that it’s ok to act that way. The only way that I can describe it to you it when people make those duck faces…but he is mad lol! He is so cute when he does that….I need to take a pill or something so that I will become not affected by this. (I cannot think of the word that I am trying to use here!!!!)

All in all I would have to say that this phase is more annoying then anything and that he is the one that has it the worst!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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