Ecozip Baggies

Besides the fact that these baggies are eco-friendly, I just loved the way that this company made a bag that you could do double duty too! It was like a moment like “Oh duh! I could have done that” or “Why didn’t I think of that?”

How are they eco-friendly!?
Well by having two bags in one-you are automatically reducing the amount of bags you are using but Ecozip also uses 20% less plastic!

At first the thought never crossed my mind to use these bags with anything other then food, but when we found out that we were definitely moving and I needed something to put my items in but didn’t need/want a box, these bags popped in my head! I also used these bags for when I was going to the park with snacks for my kids and mints for me! Although I don’t have pictures, I have made my husbands and oldest son’s lunches and, usually, only need one bag. And when I unzipped the middle ziplock, you can fix two full size sandwiches in there! (Which is good because of my also hungry guys!)

They are just as tough as the regular brands baggies and still come in the sizes that we have come to know and love (snack/sandwich, gallon, & quart) I am running low on the ones that I have and I am already planning to make a purchase to get the snack/sandwich size and the other ones as well! I can tell you that I prefer these baggies over the ones that you can buy at the store…..double duty won me over!
Check out their website where you can purchase your own Ecozip baggies & their Facebook page for updates and other things they post!

*I received these products at no charge to me and all opinions expressed are my own*


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