Whirlwind of emotions

My goodness! This week has been full of different emotions! I found out some not so great news and some great news all in the same day! It is hard to focus on the good sometimes when the bad isn’t so easily fixable.

 I have waited to post anything because I wanted to make sure that everyone involved knew what was going on before I posted anything. I didn’t want to disrespect my Dad and his family & I didn’t want anyone finding out the news by reading my blog. We found out earlier this week that my step Mom has thyroid cancer. From what she has told me, this is fixable but she will have to have surgery, be on meds for the rest of her life, be monitored yearly, & of course there is always the possibility of  the cancer popping up again! This cancer does not spread through out the whole body though, thyroid cancer affects the thyroid (duh) and the lymph nodes. My step Mom told me that it goes no further then that. Which on one hand is great because it is isolated in one area but on the other hand it still sucks! I don’t know much about this cancer or what will happen next, but My Dad and step Mom are going to be filling me in on what the drs say and when her surgery is and all of those details! I have faith that after the surgery she will be cancer free! I love you guys!!!

The good news is that we are moving out of this neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited about that! We are moving into a house with the same amount of bedrooms but a HUGE fenced in yard! We sign the papers this weekend and we will be moving in through out the month. There is really no need to rush when had paid for this months rent in our current place. I will be posting pictures of the new place once we have settled and everything set! So if you don’t see me post as much and am late in getting to things, it’s because I am packing and/or unpacking & running back and forth between houses + doing the ‘everyday’ things around here! I thank you all of your patience and understanding during this time!

I will keep everyone updated on both things and will do my best to stay on top of things for you the readers!


5 thoughts on “Whirlwind of emotions

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your stepmom. I hope everything goes ok! My mom is celebrating 2 years free of Renal Carcenoma, so I kind of understand how difficult it can be. She now only has one kidney,but she’s happy and lives a normal life!

    Congratulations on your new house!

  2. Thank you so much sweetie for your words and concern. I think all will be just fine. It is a VERY easily treated cancer and doesn’t spread. If I had to get any, I guess this was the better kind! I love you Trelanie! Thanks for being such a sweetheart!

  3. I am sorry to hear about your step mom. I will keep her in in my prayers and pray God will heal her.

    Congrats on the new place!! Is it in Greenville?

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