Kelsey’s Korner

I have heard of ornaments that were made out of fabric before but I don’t recall ever seeing them. So when I came across Kelsey’s Korner I was so excited that she wanted a review! I am not sure how they are made, I want to know, but on the other hand-I like not knowing! It makes me feel like a child watching a magic trick! I love the mystery behind it-so if you know how these are made, please DO NOT tell me!

How did Susan start making these and where did the name Kelsey come from?
Kelsey is my oldest grandaughter and a cancer survivor. She turned 5 in February. (Praise be to God).  My daughter Sarah and I originally began Kelsey’s Korner as a type of therapeutic creative outlet for dealing with the day to day trials of cancer treatment.
If you would like to hear more about Susan’s story, please go to her webpage and finish reading about her & stick around and take a look through her gallery.

You should also sign up for her newsletter because Susan does a weekly showcase and you definitely want to be able to be the first one to know! This week is the ‘Wizard of Oz’!!!!!! If you know me-you know that it is my all time favorite movie! I was so excited when I opened my email and saw this was the weekly showcase! I am definitely going to be putting that collection on my Christmas wish list!

Speaking of Christmas, these ornaments aren’t just for this holiday! There are many categories to choose from!
Here are some of my favorites that aren’t Christmas related:

There are so many more to choose from!

This is the one that I choose for the review

I haven’t decided where I am going to put it but with the possibility of moving VERY soon, I think that I will wait to put it in the (hopefully) new home. But I can definitely tell you that this beautiful ornament will be out year long! I just love this! I wouldn’t doubt that I will get wonderful comments about it once it is displayed!

These ornaments are great for you, a loved one, and for almost any occasion! Stop by her webpage & her fan page! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter and ‘like’ her so that you can stay in the know with everything going on in Kelsey’s Korner!

*I received this product at no charge to me and all opinions expressed are my own*


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