Did I get your attention?! Good! Listen up then!

Have you ever been at an event outside and needed to breastfeed your child? Did you start looking around and there was no place to sit down and feel comfortable enough to do so? Worry no more! If you are on the West Coast you have the next best thing to being in your own home!

When Tera went to a festival and needed to breastfeed her daughter, she went across the street to her car and set up a tent  to feed her daughter in the shade. Well can you believe that she was KICKED OUT of the festival for putting up an ‘unauthorized booth’!? I know it sounds crazy! Tera had posted on the Mom site that she belonged about this and soon Nonie got in touch with Tera to discuss the idea of an ‘authorized’ booth at the next event! The idea was to create a space where moms would have shade and comfortable seats and freedom from distraction in which they could feed their babies. And from there it grew to also providing an area for diaper changes, and a place where older siblings might be kept happily occupied while mom cared for her baby.

What a great idea! Something so simple that makes you say “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Mom’s Breastaurants concept is simple: we believe that every mother deserves a quiet, safe and comfortable place to feed and snuggle her baby.
Not only do they provide a tent but they provide other things as well!

  • Comfortable arm chairs for feeding and snuggling their babies
  • Fully stocked and clean diaper changing stations
  • Kids activity area to entertain big brother or sister while mom is feeding her baby
  • Shaded and temperature-moderated facilities

Please stop by Mom’s Breastaurant & also their Facebook page! Help donate and hopefully they will be able to put these tents up everywhere for all the Mommies and Babies out there that breastfeed!

Oh! And not only do they provide all this for you and your baby….it’s FREE!

6 thoughts on “Breastaurant

  1. very cool!! it wasnt too long ago where i had all 4 kids at a festival and of course my hands were full of 3 snowcones while the kids played a game sure enough the baby started crying and i had no where to sit to feed the kid..thanks to some guy he took the snow cones so i could sit in the stroller to nurse my child

  2. Thanks SO much for writing about us! We are based on the West Coast, but have set up our infant care stations at events in Colorado, Wyoming, and Louisiana, and are working toward opening chapters in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast, so that we can cover more events in more areas. We’re ‘recruiting’ for hostesses for new chapters …

  3. You are so welcome! That is awesome that you are expanding! Nonie, please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help you guys out! I know that I have friends here that would love to help set something like this up here!

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