No I am not talking about the chocolate that you eat…..although that does sounds really good about now……..mmmmmm chocolate {insert drool & glazed over eyes}….anyway!

This Chocolate is a name…..a name that is close to my second childs heart (he is 4 1/2 yrs old). I didn’t get to know Chocolate until last night on a walk from one store to another with my son. I mean I have heard him speak of Chocolate but I never really paid attention to it-but then he brought Chocolate up last night. Here is what was told me to last night about Chocolate….

My son and I were walking from one store to another with my youngest in tow in his stroller. He started talking about Chocolate (I have no idea who or what this is)-so I start listening and then I started to get confused by what he was telling me. So I started asking questions but wasn’t too sure of the answers that I was going to get.

Me: Who is Chocolate?
Son: My friend.
Me: Is he real?
Son: Yes.
Me: Can I see him?
Son: Nope.
Me: Only you can see him?
Son: Yes.
Me: How old is Chocolate?
Son: 15 years old & he lives in jungle land. He drives a motorcycle.
I don’t remember what I said exactly here but it was something along the lines of “Wow, he does?! He proceeded to tell me that Chocolate listens and he doesn’t go in time out. We start talking more about Chocolate and what he has and what Jungle Land is like. This is when my son tells me that he has been to Jungle Land and that it’s cool and fun with lots of toys and food. (What little boy wouldn’t like that Land!?) He then brings up another boy named Paint. There isn’t much talk about Paint but I was told that Paint doesn’t listen and therefore isn’t allowed in Jungle Land so he just goes home. By this time we have reached the grocery store and while we are in there tells me all the food that Chocolate has in his house and what he likes to eat and doesn’t like to eat. I also found out that Chocolate has a huge house and kitchen, that he lives by himself and not with his parents, & that he has a sister but she doesn’t live with him either. I was also told that Chocolate comes with us places but he doesn’t ride with us because he has his own van…..I hope to not crash into him and then not be able to fill insurance! I hope to hear more about Chocolate…he may be a good influence on my son since Chocolate listens and doesn’t go in time out 😉

My oldest never had an imaginary friend-or at least one that he told me about. So this is something new to me and when I talk about Chocolate or am told about him I am going to to have to remember that Chocolate is real to my son and therefore I need to act like he is real when talking with my son about him. This may be alittle hard for me to do only because this is new to me as a parent. I never had an imaginary friend (that I remember) and my husband as said that he never had one either.

I am excited about this also because, like I have said, never experienced this with my kids before and I love to hear how his imagination is working. I may have to time with my son and I so I can hear more about Chocolate and what him and my son are doing! Will write more about Chocolate as the stories are told to me.

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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