Freaked out!

That is what my oldest son did earlier last week when he came home from being at a friends house and had a bloody nose. I was trying to clam him down and let him know that this happens to a lot of people and that he isn’t hurt and there is nothing wrong with him. I understand why he was scared and everything, but he made the biggest mess because he wasn’t listening and wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing when he was trying to stop the bleeding! I was upset & mad at that, not that he was freaking out. When I was younger my Mom said that I had horrible nosebleeds (randomly and projectile!) I had my adenoids taken out when I was in elementary school because it was so bad.

But anyway, it took about 30 minutes for it to stop and get him to calm down. I laid him on the couch with an ice pack on his neck (something my Mom used to do with me to help calm me down) and put on cartoons. He was calm after that and the bleeding stopped. I did make him clean up the mess that he made in the bathroom though! Was not doing that! & this was our first experience with nose bleeds and, overall, went well….I hope the next one isn’t as messy!

Do you have any stories to share about nose bleeds or your child freaking out about something that happened to them? I have to confess too that after all was said and done, I had to laugh at this because his face expressions and because I knew what was going on and wasn’t anything to get upset over. I didn’t laugh or giggle in front of him, but when he went back outside, I had to laugh about it!


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