Calling all Knitters and Crocheters:Scarves for Troops Project

I am simply copying & pasting everything that she wrote (with her permission) from a blogger that I follow, (mis)adventures of a mommy!

As many of you know I’m participating in the Operation Gratitude Scarf Collection Program, the “Sharon Howard Scarves for Troops Project”.

August kicks off the Operation Gratitude Holiday Drive. Let us also be inspired by Sharon Howard’s support for our Military and her dedication and passion for  her Scarves for Troops Project. She will be missed.

2010 Holiday Drive
We want to include a scarf or cap inside each one of the care  packages we send this winter to our heroic Service Members deployed  overseas. Our goal this year is 60,000 scarves and caps! As we strive towards this tremendous goal we will need everyone’s help–not just in knitting and crocheting, but in spreading the good word  as well.

Beginning in September the Van Nuys Armory will be accepting items for our 2010 Holiday Drive, so please hang onto your scarves and caps until then.

Please deliver or send from September 13th to December 3rd to:

Operation Gratitude/Van Nuys  Armory
17330 Victory Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA  91406

Please mark the box “Scarves” so it will be delivered directly to The Scarves for Troops Project.

We hope to include a handmade scarf, hat or neck-warmer in every Holiday care package this year–that’s 60,000 items  made with your love! Start clicking those knitting  and crochet needles now! For more details and patterns, email

Please spread the word about the Scarf Project to all knit, crochet and crafter blogs, websites, groups, etc. This is a huge  undertaking–we need your help!

How You Can Help

MAKE SCARVES: The scarves don’t have to be intricate or expensive. Just handmade from the heart!

SPREAD THE WORD: In addition to making as many scarves and/or caps that you possibly can in the next few months, please help us to get our message out as well! If you know any knitting or crocheting groups, or newsletters that  support projects such as ours, please let them know about the Operation  Gratitude Scarves and Caps project and ask them to post our  information.


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