Customer Service

What do you think of when you hear this word? Rude people, long waits while on hold, days-weeks-months of waiting for a reply?
I am sure that the majority of us haven’t come across a pleasant experience with customer service in a long time….it just isn’t what it used to be! Well I am happy to say that good, helpful customer service isn’t completely a thing of the past! Let me tell you why……..

About a month ago I was on Facebook and Crazy Coupon Mommy had made a post about a free photo book from Pixable. I checked it out and wanted one so I began the process of filling out information to make an account and then started picking the pictures that I wanted, paid shipping, and received my confirmation email about my purchase and when I should receive my book. Well I waited and waited and no book! So I contacted customer service through their website and, again, waited. When I didn’t receive an email back and started to get impatient and emailed again telling them that I was unhappy because I had not received my purchase & because of their poor customer service. Not too long after I had sent that I received an email from Chris apologizing that no one got back to me and that he would be happy to help me. We exchanged a few emails with more details and saying to get back to him in a few days if I had not received my photo book. I think a week went by (more or less) and still nothing! So I emailed Chris telling him this. I almost figured that he would tell me that there is nothing that he could do about it since they had already made it & sent it out. To my surprise he told me that he would reorder it for me free of charge! I was so excited that I was, not only, getting my photo book but also that a company was more concerned about pleasing their customers then loosing some money in the short run.

I cannot thank Chris enough for being so helpful and responsive! If you are looking to make a photo book with the pictures from your Facebook page, then please head on over to Pixable! You will not be disappointed!

*I asked Chris if I could review his customer service after this experience and am not being reimbursed for this*


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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