First off, the name alone is enough to make you stop and wonder what this product is! At least that’s what it did for me! I went to their website to see what BandAngels were all about. First impression was ‘Ok-cool..bandaids.’ Then it went to “Awesome-they put Bible scriptures on them.’ I, then, read why they came up with BandAngels & knew that I wanted to help spread the word of their product! Not only are they cute but encouraging for kids and a great way to slip lessons and verses in there when teaching them to your child. (Cause lets be honest-they don’t always want to listen when they know you are trying to teach a lesson).

We didn’t have many accidents that required a band-aid until the other day when my daughter fell and scraped her knee. They stick like regular band-aids and they are cuter and tell a much better story then some of the other characters you can find on band-aids.

These are my daughter just showing them off because once she saw them she HAD to have one on!

This is the one of her scraped knee!

Here is some of their story:
 He realized how millions of children’s parents hurt when their children hurt – whether it’s from insulin injections or minor cuts and scrapes. How powerful would it be to put healing bible verses and angels right on that wound? And the Band Angels were born.

Please visit to read Tim & Tami came up with BandAngels.
Also ‘like’ them on Facebook to stay in touch with them!!/bandangels?ref=ts

*I received this product at no charge to me and all opinions are my own*


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