BOPS Update

Happy Tuesday Guys!

I said that I would update on what was going on with my efforts to raise awareness on Bears on Patrol and that’s what I am going to do!
Please check out this blog if you missed it

Yesterday I spent a better part of the morning writing emails to Police Departments asking if they wanted to receive any bears. Then I emailed a local magazine that goes out monthly. I haven’t heard anything from them yet, but it is only Tuesday-fingers crossed! I also emailed a company that makes bears and asked about them donating some bears for the cause. I was emailed back about that and they sent me a request form to fill out and then send back to them. I would have to mail it in to them at least a month before that date of the donation party I would like to have & since I don’t have that worked out yet, for now, the request form is saved on my computer. And I just want to state that them sending me the request form does not guarantee that they will donate.

So for right now-I am waiting on a response from the local magazine and the Police Departments. So for now this is the update and I will keep them coming!

Thanks guys! Feel free to ‘like’ Bears on Patrol on Facebook and help spread the word to everyone!!/bearsonpatrol?ref=ts

You can also check them out at


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