I am NOT doing that!!!!

Ok we all know that there is a long laundry list of gross & disgusting things that parents have to go through when we have kids…..we have to start with all this even before they are born!!!!

I was talking with a friend the other day about our kids and she was telling me that at a certain age-her kids HAD to be potty trained because she just couldn’t deal with the poop-crossed her out too  much! My mom cannot deal with dirty diapers or throw up now more then ever. I remember asking her when I only had my two boys how she was ever a parent with the way that she acted!?

Now that I have become a Mom-I can handle things more then I could before I was a Mom. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still get grossed out and have to pull myself together in order to get certain nasty things done. But I still have the gross-factor when it comes to other people’s kids. I think what gets me there is that I don’t know what they have eaten or anything like that. I am just not good with other people’s kids…..unless I am close with the Mom or Dad.

Please share what you just cannot do as a parent! Throw up? A poopy diaper? An exploding diaper? Do you have any funny stories to share??


2 thoughts on “I am NOT doing that!!!!

  1. Ive got a coupla of really gross things that I’d RATHER not do…but just because I’m the one who ultimately MUST do it in order for it to be done correctly and minimize the spread of germs and the mess in general…1)tub poop..gross enough in and of itself but trying to fish it all out of the drain, yuck!!!!!! 2) Poopy underwear…why bother..straight in the trash. 3)fishing non-flushable things out of the toilet..will my hand ever REALLY be sanitary again?!

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