Bears on Patrol

This is such a great idea!

I heard about Bears on Patrol from and a contest that they are holding. Well as I was reading about the contest, it became more then just a prize to parade around saying “I won!” This is a great cause and something that everyone should help out with….whether that be money or just spreading the word about it! I am actually going to see what I can do where I live and email a local magazine and see what we can do. (I will update you on this as there is more to share)!

So what is Bears on Patrol you ask? Well here is your answer…..
Bears on Patrol provides police officers with free teddy bears to use in cases involving small children.

Yes, this is something simple and that everyone can do, but the people that started this are actually doing something instead of just talking about doing it. This simple act to children not only eases them in a scary situation, but it also helps the relationship between law enforcement and child. Now-a-days there is too much hate towards law enforcement and therefore, people won’t use the police when they need to because of a bad experience or because this is what they were taught.

Let’s help change that mind set and help kids who have witnessed something that they shouldn’t have seen or been apart of!

Please visit & ‘Like’ them on Facebook here!/bearsonpatrol?v=info

Thanks! Now go out there and spread the word!


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