I have come to really dislike this question! My two older kids never really got into the ‘why’ stage, but my daughter (almost 2 1/2 years old) asks me ‘Why?’ for everything! It doesn’t matter what I say her response is most likely going to be ‘Why?’ At first it doesn’t bother me because I can answer her question but then she keeps going and it gets to the point where there is no answer or I don’t know the answer! I think that I will be glad when this stage is over with! And when she gets into this is one after another.

Me- It’s lunch time.
Me-Because everyone is hungry and that just what time it is.
Me-Well, it’s been awhile since lunch and we have to eat lunch before nap time.
Me-So you don’t go to bed hungry.
Me-Because then you might not sleep well if you are hungry.
Me-Because your tummy might make some noise telling you that you are hungry.
Me-It’s just want our bodies do.
Me-I’m not sure, that’s just what happens
Me-I don’t know
Me-Are you hungry?
Me-Good, let’s go eat.

I mean this is what it is multiple times a day! I think she would ask ‘Why?’ all day if there was an answer that followed and no one distracted with her something else lol! I think it gets on my nerves the most just because I don’t know and she will ask me why and keep going lol! And I think that she is honestly wanting to know why and not being annoying……you know those kids that just do things to get under your skin-don’t act like you don’t lol!

So I think that we have officially joined the ‘Why?’ stage and I am not sure when it will be over, but thank goodness for her being easily distracted!
Are you or have you gone through something like this with any of your kids? I would love to hear your story…..remember sharing is caring ;p


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. My 3 yr old has been in that stage ever since she was old enough to ask “why?” When I would get to the point of “I don’t know” she would get mad at me and yell “you HAVE to tell me”. She really just wanted to know why but it still drove me crazy finally I sat her down and explained to her that when I say “I don’t know” it’s not because I just don’t want to tell her, it’s because I don’t know and when I say that she need to stop asking why. So now if I tell her “I don’t know” she’ll come back a few min. later and say “I didn’t ask why again, aren’t you proud of me?” lol.

  2. That is very cute of her! I think that if my daughter continues with this and asks why even after I tell her I don’t know….I think I will have to sit down with her and tell her what you told her daughter. But I may have to wait until she can understand that. In the mean time, I will answer what I can lol!

    Thanks for posting!

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