I’m the teddybear!

I understand the wanting to have a certain blanket or stuffed animal to bed, I did it as a child. But I wasn’t aware that I would become this to 2 of my children! Huh you ask? I’ll inform you!

This did not happen with my first two (now 6 &4), but for reasons unknown to me my 2 youngest (2 & 1) think that I am their teddy bear at night (nap time is fine). They go to bed just fine (most nights there is no fighting about it) and they fool you into thinking that you have a few hours to breath before you head to bed….NOT! It is usually #3 that wakes up first (#4 is the one that rarely does this) and she opens the door, walks to the top of the stairs, and in her oh-so-innocent voice says “Momma?” How can you say no to that sweet, innocent, princess voice at 11pm!? Not this momma! Well I say “Come on downstairs.” She peaks her face around the corner with one fist rubbing her eye and then other eye looking around to see who is watching her. Then she will stop, look up at you, smile, then run full force towards you (it’s too cute to resist). So she comes and sits next to me while I am messing on the computer and watching whatever is on the TV. Well it comes the time that I am ready for bed, so I say, “OK Mommie is going to go to bed, now it’s time for you.” She always says OK and lets me take her to bed and I tuck her in and give her a kiss and hug, say goodnight and that I love her, close the door behind me, and settle into my bed to sleep thinking that I can finally have a good nights rest……SIKE! I hear either crying or my door being pushed open slowly. So I have her come in my room, tell her it’s bedtime, and that she needs to sleep in her room & that we can spend sometime together in the morning. Well apparently that is not a good enough answer for her and she walks back to bed crying. I don’t like to hear that and I don’t want her siblings to wake up from that…..so I call her back into my bed and I ask her if she just wants to be with Mommie and she replies in her oh-so-innocent princess voice “MmmmHmmm”. Ok, I give in and let her stay with me and we watch some TV together (either the Disney channel or TV Land). And in no time the princess is in dreamland! Wonderful-that means that Mommie can sleep….half true. I can sleep, yes, but the question is how well. Answer-not very. She is a bed hog (kinda like her mother) so she lays all over the place and flops around like a fish and usually pushes me towards the bottom of the bed by morning and I wake up with my body hurting like I just worked out for hours on end! But in the end I am ok with that because I know that she enjoyed it. Just one of the many things that we (parents) put up with so that our children feel safe, happy, and loved!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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