Friends have become harder to find and then keep as I am getting older. I do not know if this is something that is normal or something that is just happening to me. But I do know that it is very frustrating for me. I am so used to having a semi-large group of friends and through the years, I cannot keep them! It makes me sad because I do want friends (desprate sounding I know), but I love my friends and having them. The majority of them we have stopped being friends (most reasons unknown to me) or I move or they move away. It makes sad to know that I do not have that many friends in person. Yes I have friends that I have met through Mommie groups online and through Cafemom, but in person friends is what I am really looking for. I do belong to a local mom group (which I am loving) but cannot always make all the events that are held with the group (which is ok I know). So I am hoping with being apart of that will help me keep friends and form close, lasting, real friendships with these women.

Has this or is this currently happening to any of you? How are you dealing with it? Are you doing anything to change this? If so, how?


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I just personally have watched who ive been friends since ive given birth to my children..I will not allow people who bring drama to the house or tht are makin such bad choices tht i dont want any part of it..And being a stay at home mother makes it very difficult to have friends and to go out with friends dont feel bad hunni i really dont have very mynay friends either and very hard to deal with it

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