More then average

I have to say that I am excited about a group on Cafemom that I belong to. A lot of people think that I have a lot of kids (4-just incase you didn’t know *wink wink*), but some of the moms in this group have at least double the amount of kids that I do. I am loving that I am connecting with moms that will be able to give me advice on a larger family size. I am hoping to get tips, recipes, and much from them! If any of you ladies from that group are reading this, I thank you for being apart of this group and sharing your stories! I think that I only have a few friends that have 3 or more kids and it is hard to get advice from moms or only have 1-2 kids. Now that is not to say that I haven’t gotten great advice or the moms with 1-2 kids haven’t helped me out in some way….but to be able to connect with more moms like me is just a great feeling. Thanks goodness for the internet or else I may have gone insane alooooong time ago!


2 thoughts on “More then average

  1. moms with only 1 or 2 cant compare to when u have 4 or more children, its a total diffrent ball game after 2, not saying tht moms who only have 2 dont do alot of work but the more kids u ahve the more work it is!! Im always here for you and will be and think we def got closer the other nite when we talked. I love you always even tho its been 10yrs

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