Shipping them off

Ok, I am not shipping them off, but a pair of their grandparents asked to take my two oldest for a whole week starting Saturday. I was thrilled about it for obvious reasons, but also I think it will be good for them to spend time with their grandparents and also a nice break for the boys to get away for awhile. I am excited that I will only have 2 kids for a week and I haven’t had 2 kids since about 2 1/2 years ago!!!!

Not only will it give me a break from saying things like “Stop that-don’t hit-leave her alone”, but it will also give me sometime for me. I think that I will have more time for my sewing and blogging and give me more time to work on how I would like this house to look. I can do all these things with all 4 of them here, but with two gone, it just gives me alittle more freedom to do it. I know that I won’t feel as stressed-so I think that by the time they come back, I will feel rested and ready to have them back.

Now with all that said, I am going to miss them like crazy! The first day won’t be so bad I am sure, but as much as the get on my nerves, I will miss them running around the house, asking to eat every waking minute…..the list goes on and on. I am interested to see how they will react. They haven’t been away from us for that long. They know Nana and Grandpa’s house, but they usually don’t stay there over night. Plus some of the other grandparents will get a chance to see them as well. Which is always a plus.

Have your kids ever spent some time away from you like this? How did they do? Have they done it since? I love hearing about other peoples stories and hope that you will share yours with me!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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