Cloth Diapers

I absolutely am loving using them! They are high maintainance and besides all the reasons why you should use them over disposable, they are just too stinkin’ cute! You can just put a tshirt on your little one and go somewhere because the diapers can be made with any patterns!

I have to admit that I was alittle hesitant on using them when I was first introduced to them a few months ago. I liked the idea of saving money and my babys butt looking cute….but the upkeep with them kinda made me step back and ask myself if it was something that I really wanted to commit myself to. So I had put off getting any until my great friend, Samantha, said that she wanted to get rid of some of hers because she was moving and didn’t want to take the ones that didn’t fit her son. So I figured $47 for 7 diapers wasn’t bad, and I was thinking about doing it anyway, I said I would buy them from her. So I was asking her and my other friend Jessica which detergent they used, how to wash them, what not to do, & so on. The first week was Ok and a few times of second guessing myself just because I was new at it. I was very on top of making sure that I was doing this the right way….definitly wasn’t trying to mess the diapers up. As the days went buy, it wasn’t such a big deal…was thinking to myself “Wow this isn’t has bad as I thought it was going to be’. And I still feel that way. Some people have tried making comments about it, but in the end it doesn’t bother me because they aren’t the ones that have to do the upkeep or anything like that. But, let’s be honest, whatever you choose to do with your children-somebody, somewhere will always have something to say about what you are doing.

But whether you are Yay or Nay about cloth diapers, you have to admit that they are so cute!!!


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers

  1. yay!!! which kind are you using? is it the pocket style? the upkeep really isnt that bad as long as you don’t fall behind on washings but even then it’s no different really then doing a load of regular laundry.

  2. I an using pocket and AI2s. My mom surprised me by ordering some material and I am going to TRY and make my own diapers. Yea you are right about the upkeep….I am still trying to time it where I won’t run out of diapers while they are drying lol!

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