Extra helping hands….

are great…..if they aren’t making a bigger mess along the way! I love the fact that my kids want to help out without anyone asking them too…….what I am not so crazy about is the extra picking up that I have to do along the way. I let them help to a point and then that controlling part of me takes over. This is something that I am trying to work on-but I also am taking their help with open arms because it does help me out.

My youngest son who is just 14 months wanted to help me yesterday mop the floor. I had actually forgot that I left the mop & bucket out (with water). So I was cleaning in the kitchen and wanted to make sure that there were no dishes in the living room. Well I am walking in there and saw him standing there with the mop in hand and moving it back and forth. I said his name and he looked up at me with his big blue eyes and had this HUGE smile on his face! When I went to tell him no and clean up the mess-it was as if I was struggling with myself on what to say, I don’t think that anything that came out of my mouth was a complete sentence and/or made sense! I am sure that it sounded like I was speaking a forgien laugnage! As I took the mop away from him and went to see how much he ‘helped’-he went to step aside and realized that his foot was wet, looked at me like it was my fault, and then proceeded to squat down and play in it!!!! Ugh-my little man how I love you but you make me wanna pull my hair out!

I would love to hear any stories that you have about your children ‘helping’ out!


4 thoughts on “Extra helping hands….

  1. I had this experience one time with Rachel. We had just moved into a new house and was trying to unpacked and put things away. Well she had seen me clean the bathrooms enough times that when I came in from the garage, there she was with the toilet brush in the toilet playing. It was quite cute and funny though.

    It is hard to stay calm sometimes, especially when you have 4 of them wanting to help! lol Just remember they are all gifts from God and they are only this age once. Enjoy them as much as you can now. That is easier said then done at times but you will never regret these moments with them. You will look back and cherish them.

  2. LOL! I wish you had time to take a picture i love those moments!! OK so…My helpful little Jaden(4) always wants to help with the laundry!! I will help you she will say…but all i end up doing is folding one load of laundry prob more than 3 times by the time we are both done! πŸ™‚

    More recently Jaden was “helping” me pick up the pantry and she said oh here mommy, and handed me the cheezit box upside down,which as you can already guess dropped an entire box opened cheezit’s onto the freshly swept pantry floor!

    Ha ha…i just had to breathe and then laugh…and instead of sweeping again i grabbed the dyson!! πŸ™‚

  3. I have four too! 11,9,6 and 4. Yes, I so understand the wanting to help..and wanting them not to help (because you only want to do the job once) and yet not wanting to discourage them from helping..they will stop being so eager as they get older. My older kids seem to have developed “tired leg syndrome” I ask them to help-but they “can’t” because their legs are too tired…sigh..:)

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